Regenerative medicine is a rapidly evolving multidisciplinary, translational research field whose explicit purpose is to advance technologies for the repair and replacement of damaged cells, tissues and organs.

Strengthened by the existence of laboratories and clinical research teams working at the University of Bordeaux in the scientific and pluridisciplinary domains of the regenerative medicine, we expect that this new Consortium will answer scientific, economic and societal objectives, by grouping collaborate laboratories of fundamental and human sciences, as well as structures involved in the knowledge transfer, industrial partners to promote the scientific and technological innovation regarding health.

Pluridisciplinary domains of the regenerative medicine:

  • biomaterials and medical devices
  • adult and embryonic stem cells
  • gene therapy
  • tissue engineering
  • vascular biology
  • inflammation
  • preclinical studies
  • clinical assays
  • humanities and social sciences

The Consortium benefits from:

  • The Bordeaux University Hospital Center ("CHU Bordeaux")
  • The interfaces dedicated to transfer and clinical applications : the Centre of Clinical Investigation (CCI), the Clinical Research Centre for Technological Innovation (CRC-TI, “Biomaterials”), French Blood Center (EFS)
  • Technological platforms (PTIB, BIC, ALPHANOV…) 
  • Existing “competitivity cluster” (ALPhA Route des Lasers)

Updated on 14/12/2015