Key figures

The most visible and obvious impact will be integration and collaboration between the local research groups in the field of regenerative medicine, its development and growing relevance in biomedical sciences, the visibility of Bordeaux as an important place of teaching and research in France in the field of regenerative medicine, and for the region visibility and economical development on long term.

Considered as a whole, the BxCRM is involved in more than :

1000 publications - 20 patents

  • 5 maturation and start-up programs
  • 250 national and international research projects/grants
  • 100 contracts which have been built and launched with private companies


Selected filed patents

Bioprinting station, assembly comprising such Bioprinting station and Bioprinting method

Guillemot F, Keriquel V, Catros S, Fricain JC.,
Publication info : US2015224291 (A1)

Implant for tissue regeneration comprising a suturable chitosan hydrogel

David L, Montembault A,  Denost Q., Bordenave L., Malaise S., Levisage C., Chaouat M.
Publication info : WO2015092289 (A1)

Porous polysaccharide scaffold comprising nano-hydroxyapatite and use for bone formation

Amédée J., Letourneur D., Le Visage C., Derkaoui M., Fricain JC, Catros S.
Publication info  US2015328365 (A1)

Grafted dinuclear metal complexes, and use thereof as cellular microparticle sensors

Belle C., Gellon G., Plawinsli L., Doeuvre L., Angles Cano E.
Publication info : EP2688880 (A1)

Tissue Engineered Cellular Sheets, Methods of Making and Use Thereof  

McAllister T., L’heureux N.
Publication info :  US2009233356 (A1)

Hydrophobically modified antisense oligonucleotides comprising a triple alkyl chain

Barthélémy, P., Rocchi, P., Gissot, A., P. Oumzil, K., Acunzo, J.
Publication info : WO2014195432 (A1)

Updated on 16/12/2015