Research Areas

BxCRM commits a network of chemists, physicians, biologists, biotechnologists, biophysicists, physiologists, pharmacologists and clinicians, for emerging multidisciplinary and translational research focus on six research programs, presented in the following schema.


These topics are supported by:

  • Technological platforms in the field of bioimaging, molecular biology, vectorology, histology and experimental models
  • Technology transfer structures that implement CNRS and Inserm’s strategy to promote research and technology transfer : Aquitaine Science Transfer, Inserm tranfer, The innovation and business relations department (DIRE) of CNRS. The Clinical Investigation Center  is committed to facilitating the work of clinical investigators at the Hospital
  • Differents companies or start-up that emerge from the research of academic laboratories of the University of Bordeaux

Updated on 14/12/2015

1st BxCRM workshop

Dowload the program of the 1st BCRM workshop (november, 2014)