Technology Transfer

In order to potentialize the scientific activities of the Bordeaux Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, technology transfer structures develop additional working axes in knowledge transfer, regulations, project management support, and societal issues.

The main technology transfer structures that implement CNRS and Inserm’s strategy to promote research and technology transfer are :

  • Aquitaine Science Transfer (Technology Transfer companies, SATT)
  • Inserm Tranfer
  • the Innovation and Business Delations Department (DIRE) of CNRS

These technology transfer structures are also responsible for tracking patents, managing licenses, and helping create innovative start-ups sparked by CNRS or Inserm laboratories.

These departments are keen on setting up partnerships with innovative, small to medium-size start-up companies and giving them access to the know-how and technologies of CNRS and Inserm teams through collaborative research projects.

The other mission is to identify emerging social and economic trends. Analyzing these trends enables to select the most relevant research results to promote them through transfer to the social and economic sectors.

Updated on 14/12/2015

Pr JM. Boiron

Marlène Durand
CIC Bordeaux